Trading Strategies


Using effective trading strategies are essentials to keep you in the game. Remember that you can never go broke when you take profits off the table by ringing the register. We are all in this business to make money and making the wrong decisions can set your porfolio on fire. 

Trading Strategies
1.   Bottom Fishing
2. Coattail Investing -   An investment strategy in which investors mimic the trades of well-known and historically successful investors.
3.   Bottom-Up Investing
5.   Buy Low/Sell High
6.   Buy High/Sell Higher
7.   Technical Analysis
8.   Gap Trading
9.   Insider Following Trading System
10.   Options Trading Strategies
11.   Covered Call
12.   Straddles

With any strategy, you have to use stop loss and trailing stop. Discipline is the operative word in this market. Each strategy is different and use the one that is most appropriate to your circumstances. The above strategies are explained in details when you sign up. Sign Up Now!!!


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