There is a saying that says: ‘Buy the rumors, sell the news’

News is another factor that will have a direct impact on a stock. Of course, with good news, the stock will go up and with bad news, the stock will be hammered. For example, we all know about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, at the height of the crisis, BP shares dropped from $59.91 to 26.75. But they have since recovered nicely.

As you progress to this course, you will learn how to benefit when a stock is dropping like there is no tomorrow.

An example of good news is an up and coming pharmaceutical company that received an approval from the Food and Drugs Administration for a drug that will cure diabetes. That is just an extreme example and if you know such a case, let me know so that I can make some money.

If you are long term in this market which you should, one should not panic and try to react to every little bit of news out there.

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